Monday, September 25, 2006

Be a better judge Malaysian!

Reality television is a genre of television programming which, it is claimed, presents unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and features ordinary people instead of professional actors. It could be described as a form of artificial or "heightened" documentary. Although the genre has existed in some form or another since the early years of television, the current explosion of popularity dates from around 2000.

Here in Malaysia, reality TV has showered the country with the popularity and high rated viewers in the entertainment industry. Last couple of nights, I watched One In a Million , the first local talent-search reality programme that allows viewers to vote for or against their favourite and least likeable contestants. At the end of the show, we can actually see how Malaysian differentiate the good and the bad. I was suprised with the announced winner who was clearly lost to the other contestants the first time she open her mouth and sing. But it was normal I think when It was started before with other reality singing competitions when fellow viewers have wrongly selected the not really talented star-to-be as the winner.

In my opinion, the outcome of the misjudgement by the voters will end up with low rating for the next season and for the music production company, they gonna bet their money to the album which can't even sell in the market. We have seen it ourselves before, and its proven! I can't remember the last time I ever listen to his/her voice in the local radio station( I don't know about overseas, may be they are popular outside ).

Mosyaf: Singing reality TV? Nah, I dont think so......

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Prevelance of Weight Problem In Malaysia

Ministry of Health Malaysia conducted a National Health and Morbidity Survey II on 80,000 adult subjects between 1996 and 1997. They found that 4.4% and 16.6% of the population were obese and overweight respectively. Based on the adult population (males and females) aged between 20-59 years old of 10.4 millions (1996 Population Consensus, Statistics Department), it is estimated to be about 450,000 obese and 1.72 million overweight adult Malaysians respectively. The survey also found that 25.2% or 2.62 million adult Malaysians were underweight (based on BMI < 18.5).

Malaysia has the highest obesity rate in Asia. Guess why? WE ARE SO RICH WITH FOODS! what are going to do then? Weight management is the answer guys. Check out this blog: myweightmanagent to know how you can kurus in Malaysia.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Happy National Day to all Malaysian!!!!


Friday, August 25, 2006

Flush it Malaysian!

Have you ever came across of World Toilet Organization? Some of us may think its funny to have such organization on this earth. Like many countries placing great emphasis on the economic advantage of tourism, the provision of infrastructure supporting tourism is of paramount importance. Good toilets are a necessity as part of any tourism infrastructure in attracting good supportive comment and visitation by tourists. The size, appearance, design and maintenance of toilets will also be related to other infrastructure at the particular site as well as its surrounds.

Malaysians must see clean, comfortable and beautiful toilets at home and in public areas as a way of life for all, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in The National Toilet Expo and Forum (Natef 2006)organized yesterday by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government with the support of various ministries, City Hall and Subang Jaya Municipal Council, and organised by the Quality Restroom Association of Malaysia. The Government sees the provision of quality public toilets as a high priority and recognises the vital contribution this well-managed service can make to foreign visitors. Well guys, It is time to flush dirty toilet habits down the bowl.

If TPM giving us 5 five-prong plan to change dirty habits, I suggest you guys more than that, just for us to share:

- Do not flick water on the floor after washing your hands. Instead, dry them with the hand dryer or hand towel available.
- Flush the toilet thoroughly after use.
- Dispose all unwanted stuffs into the bins instead of conveniently throwing them on the floor.
- As restrooms can serve as a breeding ground for odors caused by body fluids, bacterias and mold spores, hence they must be well ventilated with regular exchange of air.
- Hand basin is only meant for hand washing. Thus, it shouldn’t be used to wash other materials.
- When using the toilet paper, just pull the exact pieces so that they would not litter the floor.
- Public toilets should be supervised permanently or checked at very regular intervals to maintain the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness.
- Vandalism is a common problem in public toilets and it often makes the toilets appear unsightly. Thus, one shouldn’t vandalize the toilets and should uphold the clean image.
- For guys using the toilets, do aim properly at the urinal so as not to dirty the floor.
- Ladies should not set their foot on any part of the toilet bowl so that the toilet bowl will remain clean for the next user.
- Adjust the tap level properly so as to ensure water do not splash onto the ground and thus causing it to be slippery and inconvenient for the next user.
- Do not choke the toilet bowl or the hand-washing basin. They are only used for their purposes and not the other reasons.
- Do not smoke inside the toilet as the fallen ash will dirty the floors.

How about that? Whatever it is, just think about the next person eho going to use the toilet. For parents, do educate your kids on hoe to remain toiletically hygiene at all time. Everyone needs to visit the restroom several times in the course of the day. By providing public toilets for all, it will encourage more people to travel by transport, to walk, and to cycle, without having the fear of being caught short. The government had done their role implementing it, but we as a citizen should always be the caretaker of own nation.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Farming? Are we going back to the future?

Recently, Government had driven to rejuvenate the agricultural sector and transform it into a growth engine. PM also called for more local and foreign investments to boost small- and medium-scale agro-industries in the country. While at the same time, some of us have different view that concentrating on agriculture is regressive as though the country is going backwards. But do we realize that manufacturing and ICT sectors were already self-sustaining and their growth was being propelled by their own momentum? Furthermore, I dont think we need to concentrate on emphasizing those profitable sectors when we have agro-industry as another bag of money. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the Government had allocated RM255mil for this and hoped to attract 10,000 or more participants to the industry by 2010. He also stated that we (agro-industry) are going to focus on high-powered commercial development in this new corridor.

In the past, farmers could only grow and sell their products by the roadside, now they will be taught to add value to their products. Its definitely not possible for us to see poor farmers becoming owners of food production factories. On the other hand, Pak Lah indirectly had exposed the latest tool of overcoming unemployment. We as a Malaysian, should give our 100% support on enhancing this new sector to be the biggest contributor of the nation's economic development.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sex Education in school?

The survey reported that only 5.4% of the adolescents said they had ever had sexual intercourse. But sexual activity covers a wide spectrum of behaviours, intercourse being only one. This is always the perceptions when people tend to raise this subject. Actually, I’m referring to the results of the 2001 International Medical University survey of 4,500 Malaysian adolescents that was featured in the Sunday Star.And something would definitely suprise me on the results show that some of our teens are not the clean-scrubbed well-behaved children we’d like them to be. They smoke, they drink, they take drugs, they have sex, they sometimes try to kill themselves, and sometimes succeed.

Asians generally live in conservative surroundings. They do not know how to react when the subject of sex is brought up, more so when a woman is talking about it openly.I the west, sex education starts at the age of 13 for young people. But is that applicable to be implemented in Malaysia? There are a lot of argument when it comes to the topic of implementing the subject to be accumulated with the current education supplement. All these years, our culture and tradition have been a stumbling block, with parents and teachers shying away from the realities of sex education, which should have been given emphasis long ago. But now, several ministries have taken the preliminary steps introducing sex education to school and urged the parents to support and share the same view. Instead of getting wrong information on sex from friends, it is better for children to know the facts through proper sex education in school.

Ministry of Education is now in process of finalizing the guidelines for the subject. Covering six components – human development, relationships, marriage and family, interpersonal skills, sexual health and behaviour, and society and culture – the guidelines are age specific and meant for preschoolers to adults. Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the guidelines were a good start as they would give everyone concerned some idea of the direction to follow. While in the mean time, it was also reported yesterday that the Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil want it to be implemented as soon as possible. Again, the question is, are we ready? What about the spreading of pre-marital intercourse among the youngsters after this been implemented? Or increasing stats of HIV infected among the IPTA/IPTS students was due to a lack of moral and religious upbringing and not because of they are not sexually educated? Are we letting ourselves being dumped with Western approach of education? It is back to the government to impose or not to impose the subject, but with a careful analysis, a good result can always be achieved. Parents must also play a part in giving the right guidance and don't just wait and let the burden to the hand of our government.

Mosyaf: Do as I said not as I do............

Friday, August 18, 2006

Jamal & Saleem. Congrats!!!

While having my precious TV time with my wife on Wednesday night, I got shocked when I saw 2 legendary singer been interviewed in RTM 1. It may not electrified to some of you out there, but It was really something good for the nation. These 2 pop stars ( Jamal & Saleem)with a unique voice and tumultuous past, being brave to appeared in nationally televised forum to reveal on the experience and thought for public's good. “I’ve tried many ‘roads’ like going to the rehabilitation centre and traditional medicine. For some people it’s faith in God,” said Jamal, relating his experience in fighting drug addiction. Being asked on the challenge that he had faced, jamal said,"For me, to get down, its normal, but to get up, its not normal!" (Can see a drop from my wife eyes). Jamal also in the process of launching of his self-published book, Jalan Lain Ke Sana (Another Road To Get There). “By sharing my experience, I hope the dark past will be a reminder to my fans. Families who want to learn about the ins and outs of this (drug addiction) can check out my book as well,” he said.

To Saleem, nothing in this world can compare the effort of his wife in getting him back on track. He also answered a question related to controversial statement by an actor in one of the reality show. In my view, they have done a very good job to share their experience with everybody on the effect of being addicted to drug. Many who kicked the habit became addicts again because family members turned their backs on them, this is what explained by the panelist that night. Family support is very crucial to help them get back on the right track. For Malaysian, it is our job to make sure that ex-addict to give them a second chance, so as to prevent them from returning to their old habits.